Researching and Writing


Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Bronner, Senior Pastor – Elim Christian Fellowship

"Dr. Tara Jabbaar-Gyambrah is an exceptional writer and researcher. She is professional and personable, as well as an incredible communicator and coach.  Dr. Jabbaar-Gyambrah has the ability to strengthen your confidence as she helps you transform your thoughts and concepts into substantive writing."

Grace Li, Editorial Assistant – Oxford University Press

“We highly recommend Dr. Tara Jabbaar-Gyambrah, CEO of TMJ Consulting, LLC. She created an engaging and creative set of auxiliary materials for our women’s studies curriculum. Dr. Tara is an extraordinary writer and visionary that activates the words off of the pages so students can use them as a practical guide for real life experiences.”

Stephanie Peete, Internship & Career Pathways Program Supervisor – Say Yes Buffalo

“We contracted with Dr. Tara to provide a diversity and inclusion workshop for our college interns last summer. Our scholars responded well to her presentation and a few of them even reached out to her for mentoring and other professional development opportunities. She is a passionate and knowledgeable leader and her dedication to students is admirable!”

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“I met Dr. Tara when she was a graduate student working on her Ph.D. She inspired me to apply to a Ph.D. program and she coached me through the dissertation process. Dr. T challenged me to think critically and helped me achieve my goal of obtaining a doctorate. She is a wonderful coach and mentor. You will not be disappointed with your decision to work with her. She is a woman of God with a passion for helping people achieve their dreams and goals despite the situations they may encounter."

Dr. Ramelli Choates, Senior Academic Advisor – University at Buffalo

"Dr. G was my college professor and has been a mentor of mine since I graduated from Niagara University. Her mentorship helped unlock my purpose of working in higher education. While in graduate school, I was working on my Practicum and was juggling so much with work at the same time that I thought my position in higher education wasn’t for me. I wasn’t looking at the big picture though, Dr. G helped connect the dots for me and explained why it was important to hang through this crucial tough time. And the true importance of my role to higher education for people who look like me. I’m glad I listened to her."

Kelci Koonce, Assistant Director of Financial Services – The New School

"I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Tara during my freshmen year of college at Niagara University in 2009 when I took her Black Families in America course.  It was in her classroom I learned the importance of preserving history, OUR history. I remember her dedication to ensuring that young, African American students like myself valued the importance of kinship, fellowship and culture. Dr. Jabbaar- Gyambrah was more than just a professor for us. She represented what we wanted to become and shined light on how far we had become as a black community. Thank you for inspiring so many young black adults like myself who are still searching for that rainbow at the end of a rainy day! It is because of your dedication to higher learning that I find purpose to pay it forward and continue on the message of education and history!"

Quannie Leverette, Produce Manager – Wegmans Food Markets