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White File Folders

Curriculum Design Strategy 

  • Conduct research analysis

  • Align with workforce development

  • Syllabus & lesson plan creation

  • Practical career applications

Through the creation of diverse curriculum we help institutions prepare students in moving from theory to practice with core workforce skills for employment and entrepreneurship. Utilizing a student-centered approach we provide multiple delivery methods (online, hybrid, etc.) while integrating key competency skills for a variety of industries. 

Business Consultation

Leadership Development

  • Train-the-trainer sessions

  • Seminars and courses

  • Executive Coaching

Preparing tomorrows leaders is essential for the future of a diverse workforce. We help organizations by offering a customized series of continuing education seminars, courses, and programs that enhance the knowledge and competency skills of individuals. We meet you where you are with a range of options to further support and develop your leaders to move from one stage of leadership to the next.  

College Student

Educational Program Services

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion retreats and workshops 

  • Program development, implementation, and management

  • Academic and professional program evaluation

We design customized educational programming for organizations to assist with career counseling, and research services that connect academic disciplines and competencies for the future global workforce. Our focus in this area is to help organizations develop a culture that is inclusive and provides the depth and breadth of unique educational experiences. 

Engineering Class

Student Success & Retention

  • Assessments and focus groups

  • Strategy for retention

  • Mentoring Programming  

There are a few factors that impact student retention: 1) structural diversity 2) institutional legacy of inclusion or exclusion 3) psychological climate.  Without strong practices of inclusion, adequate support systems, and mentorship, it will be challenging for an organization to thrive through retention. Carving out a centralized space for underrepresented students to be successful at your organization is at the heart of what we do. There are a variety of reasons why students leave college, quit employers, or stop out of training programs. We tailor our solutions to your needs based and your expected outcomes for your organization.