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Curriculum Design  

We assist organizations with the creation of practical curriculum that results in competency-based skills.

We Do This By
  • Creating diverse curriculum to assist institutions prepare students in moving from theory to practice for employment and entrepreneurship.

  • Utilizing a student-centered approach, we provide multiple delivery methods (online, hybrid, etc.) while integrating key competency skills for a variety of industries. 

  • Integrating pedagogical strategies that reflect diverse learning styles to assist with application of knowledge and skills. Some of the strategies may include: case-based learning, collaborative and cooperative learning, experiential learning, and critical and transformational pedagogy.

Business Consultation

Leadership Development

We prepare tomorrow’s leaders for a diverse workforce to help your organization develop a competitive advantage, leverage multiple talents, create an inclusive workplace, and effectively compete in a global market.

We Do This By
  • Offering a customized series of continuing education seminars, courses, and programs that enhance the knowledge and competency skills of individuals.


  • Meeting your organization where you are with a range of options to further support and develop your leaders to move from one stage of leadership to the next.  

College Student

Educational Program Services

We assist organizations with assessing and designing customized educational programs that are relevant to the global marketplace.

We Do This By
  • Providing your organization with the assessment tools and roadmap to revise or launch a competitive program.

  • Researching best practices in your organizations academic disciplines that align with the future of the workplace.  

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Student Success & Retention

We provide tailored solutions to help increase retention of BIPOC students.

We Do This By
  • Conducting a student success analysis to understand your campus climate and develop inclusive practices.

  • Identifying at-risk students and the support they need to persist through to graduation and beyond.