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More Support for Black Graduates

As the student loan debt continues to soar nationally; Black graduates are hit the hardest with debt, lack of effective support systems, and access to adequate employment to sustain their families.


Let's work together for solutions to help our future generation of leaders thrive. 

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Achieving Diversity

Testing has served as a centralized measurement of students ability to be successful for many years.  It is not the only way to determine if one is ready for college. Unfortunately, it may eliminate some of the best and brightest from an opportunity to soar. New work has begun on achieving equality in education by eliminating the SAT and ACT from the admissions criteria.  

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Is College a Lousy Investment?

Education is a key part of our lives. We breathe it everyday. In this book, Is College a Lousy Investment? Negotiating the Hidden Costs of Higher Education, the authors Dr. Jabbaar-Gyambrah and Dr. Vaught discuss the ways in college is viewed as an economic ticket and provides a holistic view on how to navigate the education system.  

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Nine Ways to Change the Future. 

Re-imagining the future of education for the global world is essential for our continues growth in the economy and technological realm.


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